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Alternate Universe Big Bang

15k writing challenge for Alternate Universes

AU Big Bang
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Alternate Universe ¡ big bang !
Welcome to au_bigbang, the Big Bang challenge for writing 15K of your favorite characters in an Alternate Universe.


! Basic:
~To participate please sign up in the appropriate post (author, co-author, artist, beta) and join the community. You may sign up for more than one thing, but you must be able to follow through on all that you sign up for.

~Invites for the vent community (au_bigbang_vent) will be sent once you sign up. Check your invites here.

! Writers:
~You must write at least 15,000 words. Only new fics or pre-existing WIPs under 3K are allowed. The final draft must be beta'd.

~Fusions are included in the alternate universe definition. Crossovers are allowed as long as no more than three fandoms are being crossed and all fandoms involved must be AU.

~Up to two people may co-write a story for the challenge.

~There will be two check-in dates and you must check in at those times, even if you haven't met the word count. (We don't bite! It's just to know if you're on track to finish.) You will be asked to submit a story summary a week before the rough draft due date so artists may select the fic they illustrate.

! Graphic Artists:
~For this challenge art can be: headers, vids, manips, wallpaper, icons, fanmixes, book jackets, drawings, movie posters, etc. If you aren't certain if your idea will work, check with the mods.

! Betas:
~Sign up in the Beta pool post if you're interested in serving as a beta for this challenge.

! Cheerleaders:
~Sign up in the Cheerleader post if you're interested in being a cheerleader for this challenge.

! Questions?
Read the FAQ. Contact the Mods.

! Affiliates