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White Rabbit (Chronicles of Riddick/Buffy the Vampire Slayer, R)

Title: White Rabbit
Author: sparrowshellcat
Fandom: Chronicles of Riddick/Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Pairing(s): Riddick/Xander
Rating: R
Warning: Character death, attempted rape, violence, mpreg, m/m relationship.
Word Count: 163,816
Summary: Xander Harris has no idea that he is adopted. But in the span of a week, he not only finds out that his parents aren't his birth parents, manages to get put into "protective house arrest" by his friends (and he's not even really sure why), and gets sent into space, where he literally lands on the head of the most wanted convict in the verse. Exploring space with a criminal sounds like a terrifying idea, especially as things start getting stranger and he starts to think even more and more that his birth parents might not have been human.

Art Post: Here by chosenfire28
Author's Notes: I have to say that I was beyond lucky for my story to be chosen by Chosenfire28. Her artwork is amazing, and I couldn't have imagined anything better. (Literally, I am having that poster printed and put on my wall!) This story has become an absolute labour of love for me, and this story will not be the end of the Wonderland AU. Huge thanks to Adnama Rellim for both teaching me that this pairing was legitimate, and being patient enough to beta for me!

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